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Exclusive Boutiques, Shops and Malls in St Croix

St. Croix is a shoppers heaven! As part of the USA, shopping is a big enjoyment and not only does St. Croix offer tourists big places like K Mart but also an untold amount of hidden boutiques all around the island. Shops offer everything from local crafts to designer clothing and, even better, duty free shopping! On St. Croix, you will also find fantastic markets offering trinkets and great little memories to take home with you. Shopping malls and boutiques, what better way to spend a few hours during your vacation to St. Croix?

If you have any places you love to shop at and we haven't listed them yet, we would love to hear about them. Simply write to us at and tell us. We will be happy to add it to our growing shopping guide for St. Croix.


Baci Duty Free

1235 Queen Cross Street
Christiansted, St.Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 773-5040
Baci Duty Free Shopping in St Croix USVI

St Croix Vacation's Summary:

Located on the corner of Queen Cross and Strand Streets, Baci Duty Free is here to serve your island shopping needs. Elegant stones are set in precious metals by designers such as Gabriel, Elma Gil, and Vahan. We also feature Titanium jewelry by the Hook Company along with enamel jewelry by Belle etoile and copper or bronze creations by Rebecca to name a few. Stop in and be tempted by our wide selection of unique liquors, fine bourbons, scotches, and rums from around the world. A large array of cigars can be found in our Humidor. To complete your shopping experience, we also feature designer sunglasses, authentic treasure coins and south sea pearls.  Finally, eliminate hassles with our stateside packaging service!

The Blue Mutt

55 Company Street
Christiansted, St Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 690-4624
The Blue Mutt Animal Welfare in St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

The Blue Mutt is a great little pet store that supports the St. Croix Animal Welfare Centre. The stores mission is to create income through the sale of pet care products and accessories, pet-related t-shirts, clothing, gift items, used books, local art and crafts and much more. It also acts as a central town location for carrying out events, such as shelter fundraising events, adoption events and other charitable activities. All profits help the shelter in its mission, to provide and promote the humane treatment of animals in the St Croix community. Come along and visit The Blue Mutt, and show your pets some love!

Cache of The Day

55 Company Street
Christiansted, St Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 773-3648
St Croix Water Sports Center in St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

Whimsical treasures are awaiting you when you step inside this charming and colourful shop, on the historic Company Street in Christiansted. Under the sea creatures will delight children and adults alike, from pretty mermaids and giant geckos, to decorated flip-flops and sounds of the ocean books. You'll find attractive home décor items too, such as clever sink strainers, embroidered guest towels, beautifully coloured glass hanging vases and night lights, intricately designed palm tree and shell serving pieces with napkins to match, as well as prints and handicrafts from local artists. Sparkling jewellery, fragrant soaps and candles, tropical beach bags, the best cards on the island, the cutest shop dog and so much more are just inside the door. Look out for the dancing mocko jumbies around the shop door.

Cost U Less

Route 70 Sunny Isle Street
St Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 719-4442
Cost U Less Shopping St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

This is a large warehouse style store that is located east of Sunny Isle Shopping Centre. Visitors can enjoy shopping here for free as it does not charge a membership fee. Cost-U-Less operates warehouse club-style stores in the United States Territories, foreign island countries in the Pacific and the Caribbean, the Hawaiin Islands and Sonora California.

Crucian Gold

1112 Strand Street
Christiansted, St. Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 773-5241
Crucian Gold of St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

Brian Bishop is a native of St. Croix, and an accomplished jewellery maker. His trademark piece is the Turks Head Ring (a knot of interwoven gold strands) He also makes jewellery from shards of plantation era china, set in gold, which is just beautiful.


Design Works

6 Company Street
Christiansted, St. Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 718-8102
Design Works of St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

This is a store and a gallery, and it also boasts the largest selection of local art and Caribbean style bric a brac and jewellery. Should you wish to buy a larger piece of furniture, such as a chair for example, then the staff can have it shipped to your home address at no extra charge.

From The Gecko

2106 Company St
Christiansted, St. Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 778-9433
From The Gecho shopping in St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

From the Gecko Boutique offers alternative fashion and accessories in a friendly, honest and enjoyable shopping environment, with exemplary service. We are here to present a positive, thoughtful and confident image, that we hope will be mirrored by our patrons. Many of our collections are exclusive to our shop (in the Caribbean basin) and limited quantities are ordered so that each client can create their own unique look. We have recently discovered even better, more affordable options for our clients. You will be surprised at how far your clothing budget can now go at the Gecko!

Gone Tropical

5 Company Street
Christiansted, St. Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 773-4696
Fax: (340) 773-9132
Gone Tropical Shop St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

This shop is run Margot Meacham, who sources interesting gift items from her travels around the world. You can find things such as brightly coloured Caribbean napkins and tablecloths, and a variety of unique fashion accessories. Gone Tropical was created in 1991 by owner Margot Meacham, as a venue to display her eclectic collection of products which she gathers from around the world. Having traveled extensively since 1978, Margot has carefully developed her product line of fine ecclectic goods for the casual island lifestyle.

Hot Heads

Queen Cross St.
Christiansted, St. Croix 00820
Phone: (877) 773-7888
Hot Heads shop St. Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

This store sells many different styles of hat, that are set upon casual shirts and other leisure wear. You can also buy swim wear here.

IB designs

Company Street at Queens Cross Street
Christiansted St Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 773-4322
IB designs Shop St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

Whealan Massicott is a talented local craftsman, specialising in gold and silver. This small shop showcases his elegant jewellery perfectly.

Island Tribe

57 Company Street
Christiansted, St. Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 719-0936
Island Tribe of St. Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

The clothing and jewellery available in this shop originates from Bali. You will find colourful batik dresses, shirts and dresses in rayon and cotton. The clothing also comes in a full array of sizes.

Many Hands

21 Pan Am Pavilion
Strand Street
Christiansted, St Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 773-1990
Many Hands of St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

This is a great shop for presents and souvenirs, as it sells brightly coloured pottery and paintings of St Croix and the Caribbean, prints and maps. Everything is made by local artists, and the shop owners will ship all over the world.

Mitchell Larson Studios

58 Company Street
Christiansted, St Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 719-1000
Mitchell Larson Studios of St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

This glass gallery offers a selection of hand crafted plates, sun catchers and more. Everything is made by a native St Croix glass-maker. The pieces are often adorned with tropical fish, flora and fauna. Take a handmade piece of this Caribbean art home with you. The Mitchell Larsen Studio is in Christiansted, Virgin Islands, and creates unique glass art pieces, including Christmas ornaments that you will not find anywhere else. Since 1992, we have been providing tourists and locals with pieces of high-quality, personalised glass art.

Nelthropp and Low

1162 Strand Street
Christiansted, St Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 773-0365
Phone: (800) 416-9078 (USA)
Nelthropp and Low of St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

These jewellers can create unique, tailor made pieces of jewellery completely to your design. The speciality of the shop is gold, but they do however carry diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

Plaza Extra

(Shop 1)United Shopping Plaza
Route 70 Sion Farm
Phone: (340) 778-6240
(Shop 2)Route 70 Mount Pleasant
Phone: (340) 719-1870
St Croix 00820
Plaza Extra of St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

This is a supermarket chain carrying the usual merchandise, but it also sells a good selection of Middle Eastern produce. This store is based in two locations on the island.

Royal Poinciana

1113 Strand Street
Christiansted, St. Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 773-9892
Royal Poinciana of St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

This shop is wonderful for gifts. It Is filled with island seasonings and hot sauces. Also available are West Indian crafts, bath gels and herbal teas. Look out for the bright tropically coloured tablecloths and paper goods.


1 Company Street
Christiansted, St Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 778-8605
Sonya’s Jewellry of St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

Sonya Hough owns this shop, and she also invented the 'hook' bracelet. She has now introduced an unusual addition to these bracelets, which is the symbol used in weather forecasting to indicate hurricanes.


3a Queen Cross Street
Christiansted, St Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 773-1212
Tesoro of St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

Here you will find unusual metal sculptures made from steel pans, mahogany bowls and hand painted mats in tropical colours.

Undercover Books

5030 Anchor Way
across from the post office
Gallows Bay, St Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 719-1567
Undercover Books of St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

This is an independent book store, and is extremely well stocked. You will find the latest "good read" alongside Caribbean themed books. The store is located in the Gallows Bay Shopping Centre.

Violette Boutique

Caravelle Arcade
38 Strand Street
Christiansted, St Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 773-2148
Violette Boutique of St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

Violette Boutique has been serving St.Croix since 1962. We carry European imports at Duty Free price, including a large line of fragrances, cosmetics, designer jewelry and watches, handbags, and sunglasses.

Purple Papaya

39 Strand Street
Pan Am Pavilion
Christiansted, St Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 713-9412
Purple Papaya Boutique of St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

Purple Papaya is the number one souvenir shop on St Croix. You will find it nestled in the heart of St Croix, in historical down town Frederiksted. This shop is bound to make an impact on everyone that walks through the door! The shop is laden with all types of souvenir and gift ideas. It also carries the largest selection of embroidered t shirts, sweat shirts, Hawaiin shirts and dresses. Other items on offer include sun tan lotions, sunglasses, towels, hats and caps. You will even find cold drinks and tasty snacks available. Basically anything your family could need on your holiday to St Croix can be found here.

itiba Beauty

314 Kings Street
38 Strand Street
Frederksted, St Croix 00840
Phone: (888) 551-5775
itiba Beauty of St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

All the beauty products sold here have been made from scratch on St Croix, using only locally grown ingredients. Enjoy an experience of the Caribbean with the Itiba line of beauty products, made from native plants and flowers, such as aloe vera, coconut and papaya. Itiba uses only natural, vegetable based traditional Caribbean ingredients to cleanse, nourish and revitalise your skin. Itiba's customised perfumes such as Carib Lime and Midnight Rain are all inspired by life on St Croix. The products are made by hand in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. The Itiba skincare range is internationally recognised, a Paul Mitchell beauty product finalist, and a participant in the prestigious European Beauty Innovative Award 2012 in Paris. This year you will find this skin care range in selected hotels and vacation villas on St Croix.


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