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Tourist Sights and Beaches to Visit in St Croix

St. Croix is not only a playground for tourist seeking sun and relaxation but is home to a huge list of sights and historic places to visit. St. Croix has its share of stunning beaches, so just pick one, lay a towel down and soak up some rays! The islands heritage goes back many hundred years to the days of Columbus. Visit the Columbus Landing site, sugar plantations which thrived and once supported the island and, of course, famous pirate coves. Search for hidden treasures! St Croix is, simply put, a never ending day of fun and adventure!

If you have visited any sights you would like us to know about, please send us an email at and we will be happy to add it to our list of interesting sights and historic places to visit on St. Croix.


Buck Island &
Buck Island Reef National Monument

8 Kilometres north of St Croix
Phone: (340) 773-1460
Buck Island Reef National Monument in St Croix USVI

St Croix Vacation's Summary:

Buck Island is part of the Buck Island Reef National Monument. It has a beautiful beach that offers some amazing snorkelling. There are a number of boat charter companies that offer snorkelling, and a stop at this beautiful beach. There are toilet facilities available here, and the area is best suited for snorkelling and swimming.

There is also a hiking trail leading to the highest point on the island that boasts spectacular views. Charter boats can be found at Christianstead Waterfront, or from Green Cay Marina which is three kilometres east of Christianstead.

Cane Bay

Route 80 (6 kilometres west of Salt River
Cane Bay St. Croix
Cane Bay in St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

Cane Bay can be found on the North Shore. This quiet beach has lively waters and offers amazing snorkelling and scuba opportunities, due to this it is quite easy to spend the whole day here. There is equipment hire available at the waterfront shop, and there are a couple of restaurants available here where you can eat and get some respite from the sun. This is a really peaceful place, and is perfect for snorkelling and swimming.

Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Reserve

Route 75 to 80
Salt River
St Croix 00820
Phone: (340) 773-1460
Hours: November-June, Tuesday-Thursday, 9am-4pm
Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Reserve in St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

This national park is located where Christopher Columbus's men encountered the Carib Indians in 1493, amidst his second visit to the New World. The peninsular on the east side of the bay is called Cabo de las Flechas (Cape of Arrows). This newly developing park offers several historical and cultural points of significant interest. A short walk to the old fort boasts amazing views of the Salt Water Bay. Also to be found here is a coastal estuary containing the largest remaining Mangrove Forest in the area, a submarine canyon and several endangered species such as the Hawksbill Turtle. The beach here is great for sunbathing, although the waters are a little rough. The visitors centre is only open in the Winter.

West End Beaches

Route 63
North and south of Frederiksted, St. Croix
West End Beaches of St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

There are several beautiful un-named beaches along the road north of Frederiksted. However, it is advisable not to stray too far away from one of the restaurants scattered along Route 63. The Rainbow Beach Club is a five minute drive from Frederiksted, and offers a beautiful beach, bar, restaurant, water sports and volleyball. There is also a lovely beach in front of Fort Frederik, near the cruise ship pier. Travelling south there is a gorgeous beach near Sandcastle that also offers a fabulous beach hotel. All of these beaches are great for snorkelling, swimming and walking.

West End Salt Pond

Veterans Shore Drive
Hesselberg, St. Croix 00820
West End Salt Pond of St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

This area is fantastic for bird watching as it attracts a wide variety of birds, including flamingos.


Turtles on St. Croix

St. Croix USVI
Turtles on St. Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

April to November is the nesting time for turtles. Every two to seven years they return from the sea to the beach where they were born. They can live for up to 100 years, and therefore return many times to nest in St. Croix. The Leatherbacks go primarily to the Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge, and other beaches on the Western end of St. Croix. The Hawksbill turtles seem to prefer Bush Island and The East End.

Both are endangered species and are threatened by predators, some natural and some due to human interference. Due to this the Leatherbacks are monitored by an organisation called Earthwatch, who provide protection from poachers and run projects that help ensure the safe return of the turtles to the sea.

Camping in St. Croix

St. Croix USVI
Camping in St. Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

On the West End of St. Croix is the extremely quiet and peaceful Mount Victory Camp, set in eight acres of the islands rainforest. The site is hosted by Bruce and Mathilde Wilson, who offer guests screened in tent cottages on raised platforms, under a roof. Prices from $95 to $125. The tents have electricity and a basic outdoor kitchen. They can also offer a basic tent site for $30 per night, that comes with a pristinely clean shared bathroom. Although the camp site feels remote, only a three kilometre drive away there is a beautiful sandy beach and the Sunset Grill Restaurant. A further ten minutes and you are in Frederiksted. Mount Victory Camp is cash only, and reservations are strongly advised.

Whim Plantation Museum

Route 70
Estate Whim
St Croix. 00820
Phone: (340) 772-0598
Whim Plantation Museum on St Croix


St Croix Vacation's Summary:

This shop is run Margot Meacham, who sources interesting gift items from her travels around the world. You can find things such as brightly coloured Caribbean napkins and tablecloths, and a variety of unique fashion accessories. Gone Tropical was created in 1991 by owner Margot Meacham, as a venue to display her eclectic collection of products which she gathers from around the world. Having traveled extensively since 1978, Margot has carefully developed her product line of fine ecclectic goods for the casual island lifestyle.


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