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Events to Enjoy on a St Croix Vacation

It doesn't matter when you take a vacation to St Croix as there are many festivals and events taking place throughout the year on this beautiful island, each one representing the colorful character and Caribbean charm found throughout St Croix. All the events provide an opportunity for both residents and vacationers to come together to celebrate the culture and beauty of the island. During these festival times you can sample mouthwatering cuisine as well as enjoy being entertained by both local and international entertainers with events to suit all ages. You should check into whats going on when booking your vacation home to insure you get to enjoy at least one festival.

What events are there to enjoy on St Croix?

    St Croix Vacation Rentals - Jump Up Carnival
  1. Jump Up in St Croix This carnival style cultural party takes place four times a year in the streets and on the boardwalk of Christainstad. Musicians and merchants set up stands and stages in the streets, food and drink flows out from the local bars and people flock to see the spectacle. Stores along the streets get involved with the event enticing the crowds to take advantage of sales and raffles. Originally started as a way to boost the economy and moral of the island, Jump up has now become one of the most popular events with both locals and visitors.

  2. St Croix Vacation Rentals - Mardi Croix
  3. Mardi Croix in St Croix St Croix's answer to Mardi Gras, this event is organized by the Krewe de Croix, a group Mardi Gras enthusiasts. Mardi Croix takes place on the north shore of the island and is a big colorful party with a parade that has all the music, food and partying that Mardi Gras is known for - with a Crucian twist! During Mardi Croix, you will see stalls selling souvenirs and local food and drink. The floats are well decorated by participants in the traditional colors of purple, gold and green. If you want to join in and really get into the spirit - wear something wild and crazy and dance the night away with the locals!

  4. St Croix Vacation Rentals - Mango Melee
  5. Mango Melee in St Croix - A little more sedate than other events on the island, Mango Melee takes place each year in July. Its purpose is to promote a greater appreciation for tropical fruits, especially mangoes, by advising the public how to grow them and what they can be used for. The event offers workshops and fun activities for children and helps to raise money for St Georges Botanical Gardens. Mango Dis, Mango Dat is a competition that has become very popular with chefs being invited to compete in four categories.

St Croix is a very beautiful island that comes alive during festival time. If you like a good party and want to get involved with the locals, check the dates of these events and try to book your St Croix vacation rental near to one and join in the fun!

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