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Diving and Dive Locations around St Croix

The beauty of St Croix continues far beyond the beautiful white sandy beaches on the shoreline. The island also has absolutely stunning beauty below sea level with an abundance of sea life, coral and wrecks for divers to explore. Unlike anywhere else in the Caribbean, it is possible to dive a wreck, wall, pier and reef all in one day which makes St Croix a very unique island for diving. While you are on your St Croix Vacations and whether you're an experienced diver or it is your first ever dive, there are plenty of dive schools that will guide you every step of the way. Here are just some of the dive sites which will make for an unforgettable day out while you are staying on this stunning island.

Where are the best dive spots to enjoy on my St Croix vacation?

    St Croix Vacation Rentals - Cane Bay Diving
  1. Cane Bay in St Croix This is one of the top rated dive sites on St Croix and is one of the only sites in the US Virgin Islands where you can shore dive. You will start on the sparkling white sand that slopes gradually towards the coral heads until the 19th century anchors are visible, you will know when you have found the wall at this site as the bottom literally disappears. You will see a beautiful array of coral and sea life while surrounded by the deep blue ocean. A truly perfect way to spend the day.

  2. St Croix Vacation Rentals - Twin Plams Diving
  3. Twin Plams in St Croix This site has mild currents so is the perfect place for a first time drift dive. A great place to see the wall with a depth of 25-60ft. This is the best place to view sea turtles and massive schools of tropical fish and this portion of the wall is incredibly impressive with a constantly developing reef. A dive at this particular dive site will definitely create memories that will last forever!

  4. St Croix Vacation Rentals - Wrecks at Butler Bay
  5. Wrecks at Butler Bay in St Croix - This is one of the major highlights of diving on St Croix, boasting five wrecks within a beautiful underwater habitat with blackbar, soldierfish, mahogany snapper and french, queen and gray angels among others, this is a truly unforgettable dive site.

  6. St Croix Vacation Rentals - Pavillions Diving
  7. Pavillions in St Croix - This site has plenty to offer and is less than 2 minutes by boat! Beautiful living coral and sponges are all along the slow sloping wall at depths of 40-80 ft. providing the perfect home for schools of tropical fish and sea life. Pavilions has easy access to the beach offering great opportunities for snorkeling as well.

When you are staying in a St Croix Rental villa, you really should not pass up the opportunity to experience the diving opportunities on this amazing island. Whether you are an experienced diver or are a beginner, there will be PADI qualified instructors able to assist you in every aspect of your dive. Anybody taking a vacation on St Croix will return with unforgettable memories of their diving experience.

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