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Spend Your Vacation on a St Croix Beach

One of the main reasons so many people visit St Croix each year is because of its absolutely wonderful beaches. You will feel like you have just stepped into a postcard when you visit the beaches with their sparkling white sand and crystal clear waters, instantly feeling relaxed and forgetting all the stresses of home when you lay your towel down on one of these amazing beaches. Can you think of a better way to spend a day on your St Croix Vacation!

Which beaches are the best to enjoy on a St Croix vacation?

    St Croix Vacation Rentals - Jacks and Isaacs Bay
  1. Jacks and Isaacs Bay in St Croix Ė These beaches are two of the most popular on the island and are considered as hidden gems of St Croix. You will have to hike a little to get to these beaches but it is well worth it once you have arrived and set your towel down to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The views from these beaches are absolutely breathtaking and they are incredibly relaxing as there is literally nothing but beach, any restaurants, cafes or amenities. This is really what is meant by "getting away from it all".

  2. St Croix Vacation Rentals - Cane Bay Beach
  3. Cane Bay in St Croix - This is the place to come if you are interested in scuba diving and snorkeling, it has very calm waters which also makes it great for children and inexperienced swimmers. This beach is not quite as picturesque as other beaches in St Croix, but doesn't matter though as there is plenty of fun to be had here for all ages! The Cane Bay Beach Bar is a great spot for traditional Caribbean nightlife, so why not venture down to this beach and experience it after dark.

  4. St Croix Vacation Rentals - Buccaneer Beach
  5. Buccaneer Beach in St Croix - This beach is a part of the Buccaneer Beach Resort. Visitors can use the beaches and resort for a fee of $4 per person, and there are 3 beautiful white sandy beaches with a lovely island atmosphere to choose from. Bring your own beach towels and you can enjoy sunbathing, water sports, drinks and lunch on the beaches. There is also a charming shopping arcade which is perfect for a stroll around if you want to escape the sun for a little while.

  6. St Croix Vacation Rentals - Rainbow Beach
  7. Rainbow Beach in St Croix - This beach does not charge a fee for entry, you get to the beach through a small open air restaurant. The beautiful powdery white sand and clear waters make this beach a favorite for many. There are plenty of options for water sports including jet-skiís for hire for the energetic vacationers and as the beach faces the west the sunsets are spectacular! For a spot of lunch or even dinner while you watch the sunset, the Rythms Beach Bar serves great food and drinks.

St Croix is very fortunate to have such a good choice of beautiful beaches, each one with their own feel and atmosphere. The one thing that is always constant on all St Croix beaches is the beautiful sparkling white sand with crystal clear waters lapping at its shores. The beaches are one of the main reasons so many people choose to take St Croix Vacations every year.

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