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Family Fun on a St Croix Vacation

You have finally arrived at your St. Croix Vacation Rental Condo or Villa to begin the holiday you have been looking forward to for such a long time, you have unpacked and are enjoying a relaxing moment by the pool. You may be wondering what there is to do on a St. Croix holiday? There are many activities to enjoy on the beautiful island of St. Croix whether you like to explore your surroundings or would prefer something more adventurous, there is sure to be something to suit every member of the family. Here are a few of the most popular activities and days out available during a St. Croix vacation.

The rainforest in St. Croix is a very popular place for people to explore with jeep tours available which will take you through the stunning rainforest so that you can experience and see the exotic plants and trees. On the tours you will be in a group of vehicles following a guide and stopping off at historic locations such as amazing plantations with your tour usually ending at a beautiful beach location where you can enjoy drinks and refreshments.

Jet skis are a must do experience while on your St. Croix Vacation, the waters surrounding the island are crystal clear and there is no better way to experience them than to hire a jet ski. Why not ride your jet ski to one of the tranquil private sandy beaches and relax in the gorgeous surroundings, or enjoy a spot of snorkeling. It's easy to find a company in St. Croix to make your dream of jet skiing a reality.

Parasailing over the waters surrounding St. Croix is the ultimate in fun for adrenaline junkies, imagine hovering hundreds of feet over the ocean experiencing the spectacular views of the island in a completely different and unique way. If you're a beginner and want to try this experience, the operators in St. Croix are extremely helpful and will put you at ease and make you feel comfortable. It really is an experience not to be missed and one that will never be forgotten.

If you enjoy the water and want to try a new experience which isn't quite as daring, kayaking is a great place to start. You can start your adventure on Salt River taking in the spectacular views while paddling upstream towards Salt Bay through the mangrove trees and exploring all the historical sites and spotting some of the interesting unusual birds and sea life along the way. Access is easy from most St. Croix rental property by public transport or car rental.

For a family day out, the Buck Island Reef National Monument is the perfect place. There are so many activities to experience you will wonder where to start! The park and the scenery is breathtaking and you could easily spend the day enjoying and exploring the area, however if you want excitement, why not try snorkeling to see the spectacular sealife which inhabits the clear waters of the bay. Other activities include a glass bottom boat tour which is an unforgettable experience.

St. Croix really is the perfect Virgin Island vacation destination for the entire family, there are Vacation Villas with private pools, Condos with breathtaking views across the Caribbean, beautiful scenery, perfect sandy beaches, and more activities than you can imagine. Why not come and visit us and see for yourself! Let Rent St. Croix assist you in every way to make your vacation a trouble free family fun time.